Priority areas for training and increased qualification of financial sector employees are the development of banks, technologies, provision of investment services, compliance and prevention of financial crimes and internal audit training.

In order to provide high-quality training in the above-mentioned areas, Association is cooperating with local and international partners, which have gathered significant experience and expertise on the current situation in Latvia as well as the latest global trends.


Welcome to register for High – Level Workshops: “RegTech and Operational Solutions for Effective Public-Private Partnerships to Disrupt National and Cross-Border Financial Crime”

Welcome to register for the full-day event composed of two workshops focused on:

  • National and Regional KYC Utilities – from concept to implementation
  • Anti-Financial Crime Partnerships


Learning points:

  • to discuss KYC Utilities, how RegTech and technology are being applied to KYC,
    AML/CFT and TFS programs;
  • to uncover how KYC Utilities contribute to better KYC, AML/CFT, and TFS
    compliance programs;
  • to share the experience of different KYC Utilities concepts and developments;
  • to formulate an understanding of the next steps to be taken to set-up a pan-Baltic
    or country level KYC Utility;
  • raise awareness about on-going public-private and private-private information
    sharing initiatives for a more effective fight against financial crime in Baltics;
  • gain insight into trends and techniques to strengthen anti-financial crime
  • get a better understanding of the benefits of effective cooperation among national
    registers and financial institutions in the fight against financial crime.

Workshop 1: 9.00 – 12.30: National and Regional KYC Utilities – from concept to implementation
Networking lunch: 12.30 – 13.30
Workshop 2: 13.30 – 16.50: Anti-Financial Crime Partnerships
Networking: 16.50 – 18.00

The workshops are organized by Finance Latvia Association and ACAMS Baltics Chapter in partnership with Microsoft Baltics and supported by Citadele.


9.00 – 12.30: National and Regional KYC Utilities – from concept to implementation

With a view to inform the ongoing policy discussion on the set-up of national and regional KYC Utilities this part of the event will focus on exploring the Concept of KYC Utility, practical steps to design such a utility, as well as operational and legal considerations underpinning an effective KYC Utility.

  • Registration and morning coffee
  • Opening and Introduction on Shared KYC Utilities program and status of discussions in Latvia
  • Panel discussion on identifying the need for and the necessary research and planning for implementation of KYC Utilities program
  • Technology enablement for compliance and security developing Shared KYC Utilities platform and Lessons learned from implementing Shared KYC platforms
  • Panel discussion on Lessons learned to implement Shared KYC platform and suggestions for the way forward with the Latvian KYC Utility project

Speakers and panelists from: Parliament, Ministry of Justice, FIU, Nordic KYC Utility project, Latvian Chamber of Commerce, COBALT, PWC International, Thomson Reuters, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, Microsoft, Finance Latvia Association, etc.


13.30 – 16.50: Various Anti-Financial Crime Partnerships: Intra-national public-private cooperation, information sharing, cooperation among financial institutions and national registers, technical tools for better cooperation

With a view to inform on the already operational public-private information sharing arrangements, including wider safe harbor regime, for better detection and prevention of financial crime. Undercover and discuss current initiatives in the Baltics and other countries, cases studies and experience of other countries for enhancing of anti-financial crime framework Cooperation among financial institutions and national registers for better KYC and AML/CFT programs.

  • Updates from ACAMS Baltics Chapter and AML/CFT news in the region
  • Latvian experience and achievements on public-private and private-private information sharing
  • Panel discussion: Intra-national public-private, private-private cooperation in the Baltics and elsewhere (e.g.: current initiatives, case studies, etc.)
  • Financial institutions cooperation with national registers, implementation (for real estate, for KYC, etc.)
  • Panel discussion on cooperation amongst national registers and financial institutions, technical tools in the Baltics and elsewhere

Speakers and panelists from: ACAMS Baltics Chapter Board, Ministry of Justice, FIU, Swedbank, Company Register of Latvia, Lithuanian Registers Centre etc.


Working language – English

Workshops are free of charge for registered and approved participants.
Please register separately by November 15 for each of the workshops:

Workshop 1: 9.00 – 12.30: National and Regional KYC Utilities – from concept to implementation

Networking lunch: 12.30-13.30

Workshop 2: 13.30 – 16.50: Anti-Financial Crime Partnerships


Participants will get a certificate of attendance; request to receive CAMS credits has been submitted.


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