On January 10, Association of Latvian Commercial Banks in Latvia, Association of Lithuanian Banks and Estonian Banking Association, in Sweden, Stockholm, organized Baltic level event - “Nordic vision of financial industry”.

More than 40 participants from the Baltic countries - public sector experts, who on a daily basis working with financial sector policy and regulation development, technology and innovation implementation, as well as other financial industry experts and cooperation partners- met with the advanced Nordic financial sector participant experience, achievements and good practice of financial technology implementation and innovation. Participants had a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the Stockholm’s first digital House of Innovation -  Epicenter.


Below you can find presentations and videos from the event.

Program: Nordic vision of financial industry_Agenda.pdf


Digitization_SEB_Mart Maasik

Nordic vision of Financial Industry_Aida and the journey to world-class service_Erica Lundina

Nina the future of customer service automation_Hans Lindholm

(Digital) Agenda for Nordic Banks_Girts Berzins

Four videos:


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