With BluOr Bank financing, CLT Profi becomes the largest owner of mass timber production facility “Cross Timber Systems” in Jelgava, thus accomplishing one of its future business development goals.

CLT Profi is engaged in the design, supply and installation of solid wood or cross-laminated timber (CLT) materials in export markets. The company is the largest mass timber exporter in Latvia, selling 99% of its products abroad. Already to date, the company has provided most of the production volume at the “Cross Timber Systems” facility, which began operating in 2015. The total production space covers 10,000 m2 and the company employs more than 60 employees.

“BluOr Bank is happy to provide support to Latvian export companies, helping them in pursuing future ambitions and plans. Despite the challenges that companies face today in terms of resource prices and labour costs, we believe that the funding provided will open up opportunities for SIA “CLT Profi” to develop new sales markets and to increase the capacity for the production of sustainable materials,” notes Dmitrijs Latiševs, BluOr Bank CEO.

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